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What is Clobetasol propionate? -It’s a corticosteroid of glucocorticoid class used mainly to nurse skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

Clobetasol propionate, is also meant for treatment of inflammation and itching caused by skin disorders like allergic reactions and is mainly available in generic Clobetasol form. So, it treats bacteria and fungal infections.

Clobetasol cream form

The Clobetasol can be in form of cream, lotion, spray,foam,solution and ointment, thus you just apply on your skin.

Clobetasol cream is usually into two forms: regular cream and emollient cream. Both the creams aids in nursing skin irritation and rashes. They can also be used to cure plaque psoriasis.

Clobetasol topical cream can be used as a combination therapy thus you just need to take it with the other medication.


Psoriasis is a disease that mainly affect skin cells. It’s confirmed that psoriasis is connected to the skin immune system whereby, people infected with psoriasis have T- cells which are too active. Therefore,instead of attaching to harmful organisms, they attack the healthy skin cells. This leads to people infected with psoriasis having thick,red and scaly patches on their skins.

Clobetasol propionate for treatment of psoriasis

Topical corticosteroids are quite vital for psoriasis treatment. Clobetasol propionate 0.05% is usually available either by sprayб foam or lotion, which may provide excellent convenience in treatment.

Furthermore, treatment mainly relies on the extent of psoriasis infection and the type of psoriasis one has. Skin cream or ointment for clobetasol propionate may may be prescribed by the doctor for the people with mild to moderate psoriasis. But, when using this medication it is designed for treatment of different forms.

While nursing psoriasis,doctors prescribe the clobetasol propionate you will feel free to use.

Psoriasis treatment

There are the topical corticosteroids which are highly prescribed medications to treat this moderate psoriasis.

Also there is salicylic acid ointment which smoothens the skin by promoting shedding of psoriatic scales.

Using clobetasol steroids side effects

It’s important to know that when using clobetasol, the medication is absorbed in the body which may lead to negative reactions in your body. Some side effects may be cough, sore throat and irritation.

Long term use of steroids also affects healing of wounds .Large amounts moods or blood sugar are generated thus it’s advisable to strictly follow the doctor’s or pharmacist’s advise keenly.