What Is Regular Insulin?: Onset, Peak Time, Duration and Side Effects

What is regular insulin?

Insulin is the hormone which is produced by our body and it can work by lowering levels of the glucose in blood. Regular insulin is considered as short acting form of the insulin. It is widely used to treat diabetes. If you are allergic to the insulin then you must not use this medicine because it might produce some side effects. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is common side effect of the insulin which include hunger, dizziness, fast heartbeat, headache, trouble concentrating, rapid breathing and fainting. If you are using other drugs like clonidine, albuterol and beta blocker then it might affect insulin so you must consult with your health professional.


Regular insulin uses


As everyone knows controlling high blood sugar level is really useful to prevent blindness, kidney damage, loss of limbs, nerve problems and sexual function problems. Proper control of the diabetes might lessen your risk of the heart stroke or attack. Man made insulin is quite similar to the same as human insulin. It can replace insulin that your body might normally make. Regular insulin is used in the combination with long acting or medium acting insulin product. This kind of the insulin is also called as soluble insulin and neutral insulin which is the type of short acting insulin. It is perfect option to treat diabetes mellitus type 2, diabetes mellitus type 1, gestational diabetes and other complications of the diabetes like hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state and diabetic ketoacidosis. It could be available as the prescription drug and over the counter. Your healthcare professional might show you about how to give yourself the injection. It belongs to the class of the drugs which is known as insulin. Class of the drug might refer to the medication which can work similarly. According to the studies say that 4 types of the insulin are available such as



  • Intermediate acting
  • Rapid acting
  • Long acting
  • Short acting


Suppose you are having question about what is regular insulin then it is mostly useful to treat certain kinds of the diabetes. If you are having worst symptoms of the heart failure like sudden weight gain, shortness of breath and swelling of ankles then you must consult with your health professional. You must remember one thing; you should not share syringes, insulin vials or prefilled pens with other people. In case you are having type 2 diabetes then insulin regular could be used with other classes of the oral diabetes medications in order to control your blood sugar. In a simple term, insulin is the hormone which your body might make to move sugar from body bloodstream into your cells. Suppose you are having type 1 diabetes then your pancreas might not make insulin. Without sufficient amount of insulin, sugar might stay at your bloodstream which causes high blood sugar levels. Injectable insulin regular might not cause drowsiness but it might cause other kinds of side effects such as weight gain, swelling of arms and legs, fast heart rate, trouble concentrating and blurred vision. Suppose you are not treating low blood sugar then you might be having develops brain damage, pass out and seizure. Regular insulin injectable solution might interact with the other kinds of vitamins, medications or herbs that you take. If you are willing to get rid of from harmful side effects then you must consult with your healthcare professional.


Understand importance of using insulin regular


Taking thiazolidinediones with the insulin regular might cause heart failure and fluid retention. Human body is required insulin for functioning properly and healthily. Insulin is available in wide varities of the different strengths. For example, if you see U-100 strength insulin which mean that 100 units of the insulin per milliliter of the   fluid. You must store insulin away from the light and heat. Different brands of the insulin are available like humalog, NPH and lantus and each is having unique strength and benefits. You must pay attention to expiration dates and you must not use it after expiration date. Different kinds of the insulin are available so you must carefully pick perfect one as per your medical conditions. It can work by lowering sugar or glucose levels. It has approved for both children and adults with type 1, type II and gestational diabetes.

Keeping Your Body Under Control

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